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photo of Imperial Pine Leather founder's face covered in whip cream pie


My name is Mike Sindt. I am a proud father of four amazing children and the husband to a wonderful, beautiful, graceful, talented, supportive (you get the idea) wife. I am the founder of Imperial Pine Leather Company here in the beautiful Boise National Forest in Southwestern Idaho.

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About the shop

Imperial Pine Leather Co. creates meticulously crafted leather goods using time honored methods and premium quality materials. 


The premium US tanned leathers we select have natural character and unique beauty that improves during the aging process, maturing to an overall great patina. The full grain leathers used generally have naturally visible grain patterns, markings and scratches that provide distinct character and create one-of-a-kind pieces.


All Imperial Pine Leather Co. goods are designed with simplicity, long lasting durability, and daily use in mind. Our products are crafted with care and hand saddle-stitched with waxed braided cord to provide excellent strength and hardiness allowing our goods to pass down through generations.

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